Child’s Age and Child Custody

One of the most common questions parents ask is at what age can their children choose the custody and access arrangements.

The child’s age is always a factor in deciding custody and access. However, as the child ages, the importance of this factor increases.

The theoretical answer is children never choose. The court decides what is in the children’s best interests. What the children want is just one of several considerations the court takes into account.

As a practical answer, however, once a child reaches their teenage years, a court is hesitant to tell the children what to do. If a teenager is unhappy where they are staying, they can simply hop on a bus and go to the other parent’s home. As well, a court is hesitant to force a teenage to go to a parent’s home when the teenage doesn’t want to go.

This is obviously very problematic on two fronts. First, I’m not sure that teenagers always choose to do what’s in their best interest. I know that when I was a teenager that I did not always make the wisest choices. Choosing to go out every night to parties rather than studying is a choice I would have made as a teenager had I been permitted to. Certainly this would not have been in my best interest. If teenagers aren’t going to make proper choice about important issues such as their social life or schooling, why would they make better choices about what parenting regime is best?

Secondly, this is problematic because it often results in parents competing in a race to the bottom for having the children living with them. This is particularly so because child support depends on where the children live. The parents then try to outdo each other in spoiling the children to curry the children’s favour. Disneyland parent wins over do-your-homework parent. Further, teenagers are old enough to understand this and play it to their favour.

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